How it works

We are here to help. Our goal is to streamline your website build process as much as possible so you can spend more time on your business. ​Your website should elevate your brand and increase your online awareness, not put you under immense pressure with coding know-how.


Choose a theme

BoldSites creates beautiful websites. Here are a few examples of what your business website could look like. These website designs are starting points, so don’t get too caught up on the exact theme. Just let us know the one you like. Once you have supplied your content brief, we can sort out the rest. 

If you require advanced functionality that is outside our standard inclusions, that’s fine too. We can provide a quote to custom build what you need. The beauty of BoldSite websites is that we have complete control of what can be created.


Supply content

Send us all of your written content and any images/photos you want to use. We’ll help with any headlines and sourcing free stock images. We have an easy content template that will help you pull the right content together. 

Once we have your written website content, we can build the site and work with you on fine tuning any key messaging you need to help make your website a success.

Need help with content?

Content can make or break a website. SEO keywords, phrases and industry speak is all relevant and helps to serve your customers your business in the search list. If you struggle with writing about your business and its services, we can help. We also have a content writing specialist with a Marketing background to help you streamline the whole process.


Let us do the rest

Sit back and relax. We’ll setup your new website and have it ready within 5 business days.

You will need to choose your domain name (the www dot bit), but we can help you through that if you would like at not additional cost.